Terms & Conditions of Vidio Premier Malaysia

(hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Vidio Premier”)

Vidio Premier is a streaming service package provided by Vidio to make it easier for you to watch the exclusive content of Vidio starting from local and international sports such as football, badminton, tennis, basketball and others as well as the original series of Vidio starting from drama to action, movies and the best selected series from Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, India and other interesting entertainment. This new Streaming service is very suitable for you who like to watch 24/7 anywhere, anytime! You may access Vidio Premier via the internet on your handphone, laptop or other devices.

You will always be bound by and comply with Vidio’s User Regulation and Privacy Policy. All capitalised terms not defined otherwise in these Terms of Vidio Premier will have the same meaning as those in the General Terms.

Vidio General Terms, Terms of Vidio Premier, Privacy Policy, and other terms and conditions regulating Vidio Service altogether shall be referred as “Terms and Conditions”, as well as an inseparable part between one and another and is considered as an integral part.


  1. By using Vidio Premier service, you are considered having read, accepted and agreed to Terms of Vidio Premier as well as their changes from time to time without prior notification, therefore, you are expected to always check the Terms of Vidio Premier.

  2. You shall have internet access and supported devices in order to enjoy Vidio Premier service.

  3. By subscribing to Vidio Premier, Vidio is allowed to contact you via email and e-greetings, push notifications as well as newsletters, to inform you about the latest news of Vidio Premier, survey, special offer or other promotions.

  4. Vidio Premier service is not intended to be used by children under 13 years old and only intended to be used by the User who has fulfilled the User Requirements.

  5. The Terms of Vidio Premier may be subjected to change at any time without prior notification. By always using Vidio Premier service, you are considered having read, accepted and agreed to any changes applied by Vidio to the Terms of Vidio Premier and its services.

  6. Your use of the Vidio Premier service is only allowed for personal and non-commercial use, for that you are not allowed to share or resell to other parties.



Vidio Premier Package*

We provide Vidio Premier package, at the price as determined by Vidio at the time of purchase, that you can choose according to your desire:


30 days

Any and all contents available on Vidio platform including AVOD contents, Sports, News, and Entertainment Livestreaming.

*Vidio Premier package and the contents therein may be subjected to change at any time, at Vidio's sole discretion, without prior notification.

**Available for bundling packages only, which can be obtained/purchased through partner companies that have collaborated with Vidio (including but not limited to telecommunications companies, etc.).

The benefits of subscribing to Vidio Premier are:

1.    Enjoy the content presented in 1080 HD quality  ;

2.    Enjoy the featured live content and videos;

3.    Enjoy the content with a different user experience without a time limit.


Payment Method of Vidio Premier

For the type of payment, we provide :

  1. In App Purchase, for Android device users, you may directly pay by one click via Google in App Purchase while Apple device users may make payment via Apple in App Purchase. The renewal will be made automatically when the subscription package period expires. You may stop from automatic subscription packages by viewing your subscription details and selecting unsubscribe from Google in App Purchase or Apple in App Purchase.


Video Premier Devices

The maximum number of devices that you can use to watch will be regulated based on information on the package you purchased.

You can watch Vidio Premier services on the following device options:

1.    Vidio application;

2.    Desktop/laptop;

3.    Mobile Browser; and

4.    Other devices approved by Vidio from time to time.

As for Mobile package, you are only allowed to watch on the following devices:

1.    Vidio application on Android and IOS Device; and

2.    Mobile Browser.

Mobile packages are not allowed to watch premier content on the following platform(s):

1.    Smart TV;

2.    Desktop / Laptop PC browser; and

3.    Casting to Chrome-cast-enabled device.

Some content might have specific requirements to comply with content owners requirement, like DRM, HDCP, and Geoblock. Make sure your device is compatible with the requirements.

Specifically for some streaming services that use Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection below, can only be watched with DRM-compatible devices:

1.    International Video: Hollywood, Korean, India and others;

2.     Original Series;

Claim, Replacement and Cancellation of Package Purchases

Vidio does not make replacement or refund of money for the purchase of Vidio Premier package. Vidio Premier package you purchase cannot be canceled unilaterally by the user/you. The claim for replacement of package purchase can only be made based on Vidio's approval, and replaced with the same package according to the duration of purchase (month or year) as well as according to the existing package in Vidio Premier.Vidio has the right to cancel and/or deactivate the User's package if there are actions that are suspected or proven to be inconsistent with the applicable Terms and Conditions, and/or if there are indications or proven fraud/violations that are detrimental to Vidio, without any compensation.

Vidio may change or renew the Service and the subscription fee of Vidio Premier package from time to time, but, the change of Service and subscription package fee will be applied by Vidio in the next billing cycle. If you disagree with the change, you may cancel your subscription.

Vidio Premier Content Service

Vidio Premier content service shall become the full right for Vidio in presenting, loading, arranging, deleting, as well as promoting in a package or outside the package. The presentation of content in Vidio Premier package is Vidio's full right in presenting, loading, arranging, deleting, or not representing any content in the package service.

You may enjoy Vidio's content in the country where you create your account, but in relation to license, Vidio may also apply geo-blocking to Vidio Premier service thereby the access is limited to certain geographic locations.

The content available to watch will be different depending on the subscription package you choose.

The display quality of Vidio Premier content may be different in every device and can be affected by several factors, such as your location, your internet connection speed and the capability of the device used.

Content Copyright

Vidio is the copyright and licence holder for the distribution of contents available in Vidio Premier package. You are not allowed to own, distribute, redistribute, republish the contents contained in Vidio Premier without prior written consent of Vidio. Vidio shall be entitled to deactivate user account, to stop providing Vidio’s services, to impose any acts and carry out legal proceedings in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesian territory against the users who is:

  1. Downloading Vidio Premier content illegally;
  2. Duplicating Vidio Premier content in any way;
  3. Redistributing Vidio Premier content in any way;
  4. Share or sell Vidio Premier account and passwords to other parties to allow them to access the Vidio Premier's content they are not subscribed to; and 
  5. Committing any illegal acts that may harm or cause harm to Vidio whether directly or indirectly.

To obtain public viewing rights (Nonton Bareng/Nobar) for Vidio content, please contact us on info@vidio.com.

Guarantee and Obligation Limitation.

Vidio Premier services are provided "as is" and without any guarantees or terms. Vidio makes no representation or warranty in any terms that our services will always be uninterrupted or free from mistake. Any losses without exception due to actions taken by the User that are not related to the Vidio application, are entirely the responsibility of the User, and the User releases the responsibility of Vidio, officials and employees and each of its affiliated companies from any such loss and/or risk. As far as permitted by the law, if applicable, total obligations of Vidio and its affiliates, to anyone filing a claim, for any and all claims, will not exceed the payment made by the User to Vidio during the membership term.


If you are indicated or proven to have violated any or all provisions under this Terms of Vidio Premier, then Vidio reserves the right to terminate and suspend Your account and You will no longer able to use the same email and/or phone number to register yourself again on Vidio Service and Platform by anyway whatsoever (e.g.,  repurchasing another Vidio Premier subscription package, claiming for reactivation through our Customer Care, etc.)

Latest update as per January 2024.