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Terms & Conditions of 

Vidio Games

Vidio Games is mobile game and other game features offered by Vidio including but not limited to quiz, polling, etc. intended for the User's personal entertainment and benefit only. You may participate in Vidio Games via internet to your handphone, laptop or other devices.

By participating in or playing one of Vidio Games, you are the legitimate Vidio Users as stipulated in the User Regulation, declaring to approve unconditionally and irrevocably to be bound by, and will accept, these terms and conditions (“Terms of Vidio Games”). You will always be bound by and complied with the User Regulation and Privacy Policy of Vidio. All capitalized terms not defined otherwise in these Terms of Vidio Games will have meaning same as those in the User Regulation.


  1. You are an Indonesian Citizen (WNI) and residing in Indonesia.

  2. You are at least 13 years old and has fulfilled the User Requirements.

  3. You are a player already having the verified Vidio’s account. 

  4. Each player may only use 1 Vidio’s account when playing the Vidio Games in each session/match.

  5. If you win (“Winner”) then each Winner shall:

●     Mention the active prepaid telephone number immediately after the Vidio Games played expires if the prize is in form of phone credit. 

●     Insert the cellular (mobile) phone number that is active and connected to a verified DANA’s account if the prize in form of DANA’s balance. Also, make sure that your DANA’s account remains active when you receive the gift.       

●     Activate the verified Vidio’s account if the prize is in form of Premier Vidio Voucher.       

Special Terms

  1. Every Vidio Games Winner, at any game/match session, shall comply with the provisions as follows:

●     The player who will be declared as the winner is the player who answers the most correct and fastest questions, with several winners adjusted to the policy of each Vidio Games quiz.         

●     If Vidio finds that the data/information on Winner's account is proven of have played more than 1 accounts during the Vidio Games session, then Vidio shall be entitled to cancel the prize to be provided, cancel or suspend the account’s owner and he/she cannot play in the next session.       

●     The winner will be declared forfeited if they fail to fulfill the Terms of Vidio Games and the special conditions determined by Vidio during each session of Vidio Games.       

  1. Prizes can be given in the form of a DANA credit or balance or Vidio Premier Voucher or in any other form as solely determined by Vidio at its own discretion to the Winner at each session/match in Vidio Games. 

  2. The determination of the winner is carried out and determined by VIDIO through the process that is in accordance with the system and security standards based on the prevailing regulation, and cannot be contested.

  3. Vidio as the organizer has absolute and inviolable right to determine the entitled Winner and also the form of prizes to be provide d to each entitled Winner in accordance with the agreement and terms of Vidio Games program.

  4. The prize tax, if any, will be borne by Vidio unless specified otherwise in the Additional Terms and Conditions. The prize cannot be returned and/or exchanged with money or any products.

  5. Vidio shall be entitled to announce the Winner’s name on the social media account without prior notification.


Other Terms

  1. In providing Vidio Games, you realize and accept that the availability of Vidio Games, and any games, quiz, challenge, or anything therein, will highly depend on and always comply with the availability of devices, data package, internet connection or other factors that may be beyond Vidio's control (respectively referred to as “External Factor”).

  2. Vidio will not change, return the money/goods, or be responsible in any form for External Factors that may render the loss or inconvenience to the Users, unless otherwise determined by Vidio at its own discretion.

  3. If there is an act that is not in accordance with any prevailing provisions and/or there is indication of fraud/violation harmed Vidio, Vidio shall be entitled to cancel the prize that will be provided, cancel or suspend the account owner without any compensation.

  4. Any matters in Vidio Games, including the name of the Winner, answer, comment, impression, etc. will become full rights for Vidio in presenting, loading, arranging, deleting and promoting the same on Vidio’s Platform or other third parties’ Platform approved by Vidio. Vidio shall be entitled to cancel and/or terminate any features in Vidio Games for any reason at its own discretion, including to remove Vidio Games entirely.

  5. Vidio Games features are provided "as is" and without any guarantees or terms. Vidio makes no representation or warranty in any terms that our services will always be uninterrupted or free from mistake. The Users release Vidio from all claims for any losses arising, whether directly or indirectly. As far as permitted by the law, if applicable, total obligations of Vidio and its affiliates, to anyone filing claim, for any and all claims, will not exceed the payment made by the User to Vidio during the membership term.

  6. For avoidance of doubt, nothing in Vidio Games's features or these Terms of Vidio Games can be interpreted or considered that Vidio Games is sponsored by Android or other entities not affiliated to Vidio, unless expressly stated in the relevant Additional Terms and Conditions.

  7. Except as expressly stated herein, these Terms of Vidio Games are not intended to create and will not be construed to create the relationship or partnership, joint venture or association for the profit between Vidio and the Users or Vidio and other third parties.

  8. This Terms of Vidio Games are governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Indonesia, and any disputes will be resolved as regulated in the User Regulation.

  9. These Terms of Video Games forms an integral and inseparable part of Vidio’s User Regulation. Any matters not regulated herein will refer to the User Regulation. For avoidance of doubt, the Additional Terms and Conditions, if any, will apply to every game in Vidio Games being provided.

Updated as per March 2023